A guide through the 7 different types of vibrators

Vibrators are undoubtedly the most popular sex toys for women, people with vulvas, as well as men or people with penises. However, there are so many brands and variants available, and this could make it difficult for you to find your perfect toy. Check out our guide through the seven different types of vibrators to learn more!

Clitoral vibrator

Did you know that only 20% of people with vulvas can orgasm from penetrative sex? Multiple studies on this subject have found that clitoral stimulation is necessary for most people to reach orgasm. Clitoral stimulation allows you to cum faster and more often. This is due to the high number of easily accessible pleasure nerves found in the clitoral area.


What’s more, that’s the reason why clitoral vibrators are so popular. They are a must-have toy for people with vulvas. They prioritize your orgasm during partnered or solo sex while allowing you to experiment and find the best techniques for you. However, there are many types of clitoral vibrators, and they all feel different. That includes small bullet vibes, wangs, vibrating eggs, vibrating dildos, and so on.


Some toys focus only on vibrations, whereas others provide rotational movements or even “sucking” motions that simulate oral sex. A small clit vibrator, such as a bullet vibe, is the best place to start for beginners. Clitoral vibrators are also highly popular because they are compact and discreet. You can also use them with other toys or during penetrative sex for strong blended orgasms!

Massage wand

Massage or magic wands started off as inconspicuous “neck massagers.” By now, their cover has definitely been blown. Remember how Samantha from Sex and the City exposed the whole charade? Well, they’ve become one of the most popular sex toys for vaginal stimulation ever since!


Generally, wand vibrators have an extended handle and a wide, soft head. The head provides gentle to powerful vibrations, and even though it’s large, you can use it at various different angles. That way, you can reach all of your pleasure spots. The head has a soft and gentle design that feels great on your clitoral area. Moreover, you can also use it to stimulate your nipples or your partner’s penis.


While the wand head is usually smooth, some variants offer ribbed or rabbit-shaped heads for additional stimulation. One of the best things about a wand vibrator is its range of speeds and intensities. Plus, when you’re finished with it, you can actually use it to relieve muscle soreness or neck tension!

Bullet vibrator

As mentioned, bullet vibrators work wonders for clitoral stimulation. Yet, you can also use them in other areas, especially for anal or penile stimulation. Bullet vibes are tiny, simple, and portable. They can become your on-the-go sex toy when you’re alone in your hotel room during long business trips.


Moreover, what’s special about bullet vibrators is that they provide direct stimulation. The pinpointed vibrations are transferred to one spot, like your nipples or clit. Most of these toys do not offer complicated vibration patterns or other fancy features, but that doesn’t make them any less effective. They’ll shoot you up with waves of pleasure! Still, it’s possible to find variants that have extra features. That includes waterproofing, various vibration modes, remote-controlled vibrations, and even heat/cool functions for temperature play.

Rabbit vibrator

Rabbit vibrators are some of the most desired and loved toys. Typically, they provide a dildo-shaped head that provides internal stimulation to the vaginal walls and the G-spot. But rabbit-style vibrators also offer a smaller head that extends from the shaft. This head is often shaped like a pair of bunny ears, and it stimulates the clitoris.


Plus, this toy can provide a lot of extra bells and whistles. The phallic-shaped head can rotate, vibrate, and it can even contain rotating beads for extra stimulation. The shaft provides deep penetration and an intense sensation, while the rabbit head provides different vibration patterns.


If that’s not enough, you can find some “triple threat” models. They have an extra vibrator or a butt plug extending from the shaft, and you can use it to satisfy your anal cravings! Triple pleasure, here we cum!

Wearable vibrator

Wearable vibrators are an underrated option that often gets neglected compared to the big boys. However, they can be fun, classy, and highly kinky! This vibrator category contains a lot of different toys for people with vulvas as well as those with penises. That includes wearable vibrating cock rings, finger vibrators, panty vibrators, and more.

You or your partner can control most of them via a remote or a smartphone app. That’s why they are some of the best “outdoor” sex toys for people who love to get naughty in public. Also, they are a fabulous addition to the bedroom for solo or partnered sex. You can strap one on and allow your partner to control the vibrations for you via a remote. Just try not to moan too loud if you use it to orgasm in public!

Suction vibrators

Earlier, we’ve mentioned that some vibrators can create sucking sensations. That way, they can replicate the feeling of oral sex or provide a completely unique sensation altogether! Suction cup vibrators use air instead of vibrations to create strong rhythmic pulses. This creates an unusual sensation that you are unlikely to get from other sex toys. They provide toe-curling clitoral stimulation with up to ten or more suction patterns that you can experiment with.


Typically, the suction comes from a compact head, and the toy has a handle that you can grip. Some variants replace that handle with a G-spot vibrator to double your pleasure.

G-Spot targeting vibrator

This is the best type of internal vibrator for G-spot stimulation! If you love G-spot orgasms, you know that it’s quite difficult to achieve them during regular sex with a partner. The spot is tough to reach. Instead of using your fingers or awkward sex positions, the better alternative is to use a G-spot vibrator.


This toy curves upwards to provide deep penetration while directly targeting your G-spot. Hello, full-body orgasms! If you’re a squirter and you love to gush, this is definitely the toy for you. Additionally, G-spot vibes come in various shapes and sizes, and it’s important to find the one that suits your vagina the best.


Conversely, you can buy similar vibrators for anal penetration. Men and people with penises can use P-spot vibrators that apply pressure on their prostate to take their orgasm to the next level. What is even more exciting is that you can order these amazing vibrators from LG website at your convenience. 


So which vibrator type would you choose? We advise you to order a few different models to see what’s best for you. Get ready for some thunderous orgasms!

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