The Relapse Records Podcast returns in the midst of a scorching Summer with our special guest John Gallagher of DYING FETUS. John discusses the band’s new, 10th studio album Wrong One To Fuck With, the brutal life of touring, death metal censorship and more. Also on the podcast we spin new and upcoming Relapse tracks from MYRKUR, INTEGRITY, CLOAKROOM, TAU CROSS, EXPULSION, USNEA and more! DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN AND TURN UP!

New and Upcoming Tracks:
Myrkur - Maneblot (0:00)
Incantation - Rites of the Locust (5:14)
Integrity - Hymn For The Children of the Black Flame (8:15)
Cloakroom - Seedless Star (11:51)
Arcadea - Army of Electrons (19:27)
Tau Cross - Killing the King (23:05)
Ex Eye - Xenolith; The Anvil (30:36)
Expulsion - Comatose (34:24)
Atriarch - Inferno (36:42)
Poison Blood - The Scourge of The Gestalt (44:12)
Usnea - Lathe in Heaven (48:30)

Dying Fetus Takeover:
John Gallagher Interview (58:07)
Dying Fetus - Weaken The Structure (1:17:08)
Dying Fetus - Fallacy (1:22:25)
Suffocation - Jesus Wept (Human Waste EP Edition) (1:27:01)
Skinless - Pool Of Stool (1:30:56)

Relapse Anniversary: 
Baroness - March to the Sea (1:35:53)
Pig Destroyer - Piss Angel (Remix) (1:39:01)

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