Welcome to the April 2011 Edition of the Relapse Podcast. Viking Phil has taken over the podcast starting this month. This month, he caught up with Steffen Kummerer of Obscura to talk about their new album Omnivium, and Steffen shows us his favorite Obscura songs as well as a few other of his favorites from Relapse Records. As always, check out the podcast for the latest Relapse Records news, music, tour dates, and more. This month, there is also a special segment in celebration of 4/20. So roll one up, sit back, turn it up, and enjoy.

Song List:

Revocation - Pull the Plug (Death cover)

Black Tusk - Beneath

Horseback - Alabaster Shithouse (The Lamb Takes the Lion)

Red Fang - Number Thirteen

Zombi - Slow Oscillations

Bloodiest - Fallen

Indian - No Grace

Parasytic - Ire of War

Despise You - You Can't Fix Me, Don't Trip

Despise You - Roll Call

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Ungrateful

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Posession

Bongzilla - Greenthumb

Exit 13 - Ethos Musick

Obscura - Votrex Omnivium

Obscura - Incarnated

Obscura - Velocity

Dying Fetus - Pissing in the Mainstream

Black Anvil - Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost cover)


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