The Relapse Records Podcast returns with the first episode of 2018 featuring our special guest Chris Ulsh of MAMMOTH GRINDER. Chris discusses the band’s new album Cosmic Crypt, MAMMOTH GRINDER’s origins, Winter headline tour and more. Also on the podcast, we spin new and upcoming Relapse tracks from IRON REAGAN, GATECREEPER, WINDHAND, MIRACLE, GENOCIDE PACT and more! Additionally, hear tracks from Relapse bands hitting the road this Winter and celebrate milestone album anniversaries from AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED and DISFEAR!! DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN AND TURN UP!

Upcoming 2018 Tracks:

Iron Reagan - Paper Shredder (0:00)

Gatecreeper - War Has Begun (2:00)

Zeke - Working Man (7:56)

Genocide Pact - Structural Dissolution (9:24)

ILSA - Hikikomori (13:51)

Miracle - Light Mind (21:28)

Satan’s Satyrs - Succubus (26:14)

Windhand - Old Evil (29:52)

Bands On The Road:

Myrkur - Crown (38:14)

S U R V I V E - Sorcerer (43:03)

Red Fang - Not For You (47:37)

Ringworm - The Black Light of a Living Ghost (52:23)

Exhumed - Lifeless (54:17)

Incantation - Muse (58:16)

YOB - Burning The Altar (1:03:24)


Interview with Chris Ulsh (1:15:52)

Insect Warfare 5” Split w/ Agoraphobic Nosebleed (1:30:49)

  • Human Virus Ballistic (1:30:49)
  • Technology War (1:31:13)
  • Corporation Life Form (1:31:41)
  • Digital Target (1:32:01)
  • F.T.L. (1:32:41 )
  • Deception Fortress (1:32:56)
  • Coded Steel (1:33:19)

Incantation - Christening the Afterbirth (1:33:21)

Mammoth Grinder - Locust’s Nest (1:39:29)

Mammoth Grinder - Mysticum (1:43:08)

Relapse Anniversaries:

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Circus Mutt (Three Ring Inferno) (Honky Reduction 20 Years) (1:47:15)

Disfear - Get It Off (Live The Storm 10 Years) (1:48:32)

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The Relapse Records podcast returns to kick off the Spring with a special OBITUARY takeover! March’s episode also highlights new and upcoming releases from IRON REAGAN, THE OBSESSED, GRUESOME, KING WOMAN, ECSTATIC VISION, JOHN FRUM and UNEARTHLY TRANCE! We also spin a handful of death metal classics from new vinyl reissues. This month, Nick talked with Donald Tardy (Drums) from OBITUARY about the band’s new self-titled album, upcoming tours, beer, cats and more! DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN, AND TURN UP!

New/Upcoming Tracks:

Iron Reagan - Fuck the Neighbors (0:00)
The Obsessed - Punk Crusher (1:50)
Ecstatic Vision - You Got It (Or You Don't) (5:30)
King Woman - Hierophant (15:15)
Unearthly Trance - Into the Spiral (23:08)
Gruesome- Fragments of Psyche (27:12)
John Frum - Presage of Emptiness (31:15)

Death Metal Vinyl Reissue:

Death - Flattening Of Emotions (38:30)
Necrophagist - Only Ash Remains (42:52)
Dying Fetus - Schematics (46:58)
Dying Fetus -Justifiable Homicide (510:56)

Obituary Takeover:

Donald Tardy Interview (57:48)
Obituary - Brave (1:39:40)
Obituary - Straight To Hell (1:43:12)

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This month's episode of the Relapse Podcast features new music from RED FANG, TRUE WIDOW, RINGWORM, MYRKUR, HORSEBACK, NOTHING, and THE ALBUM LEAF, as well as songs from recent signees S U R V I V E , INTEGRITY, BRAIN TENTACLES, and SUMERLANDS. We also caught up with Richmond's INTER ARMA mid-way through their US tour with Withered for an exclusive takeover and interview with vocalist Mike Paparo. And as always, we've got the latest scoop on tours, artist news, and upcoming pre-order packages.

The Relapse Podcast is hosted on a different platform each month. The July episode is currently available for free streaming and download via No Clean Singing - hear it now at or via the official Relapse Podcast site at DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN, AND TURN UP!

New Songs: (0:00)

Red Fang - "Flies" (0:00)

True Widow - "Entheogen" (5:32)

Sumerlands - "The Guardian" (11:44)

Survive - "AHB" (15:40)

Brain Tentacles - "Kingda Ka" (19:58)

Ringworm - "Innocent Blood" (23:28)

Integrity - "Deathly Fighter" (25:43)

Myrkur - "Jeg er guden, I er tjenerne" (Live) (29:42)

The Album Leaf - "Between Waves" (34:08)

Horseback - "Lion Killer" (40:00)

Nothing - "Nineteen Ninety Heaven" (Ryan Hemsworth Remix) (45:07)

Inter Arma Takeover: (49:19)

Inter Arma - Primordial Wound (1:02:43)

Inter Arma - An Archer In The Emptiness (1:12:44)

Disembowelment - Your Prophetic Throne Of Ivory (1:20:10)

Human Remains - Chewed Up And Spit Out (1:27:44)

Relapse Classic Tracks: (1:31:30)

Don Caballero - Loudest Shop Vac in the World (1:32:04)

Revocation - The Grip Tightens (1:40:57)

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Summer has officially arrived, and it's bringing intense heat and intense metal with it in equal measure. Here at Relapse, we're gearing up for some of our heaviest releases of the year, and we're starting things off with COUGH's Still They Pray, which was just released this past June 3. Accordingly, the June episode of the Relapse Podcast features an exclusive interview with Brandon of COUGH - we delve into the details behind the band's crushing new album and check out some of the tunes that inspired it. This episode also features a special section showcasing recent Relapse signees NOISEM, THE OBSESSED, GATECREEPER, and SURVIVE along with new music from forthcoming releases by RINGWORM, INTER ARMA, -(16)-, HORSEBACK and THE ALBUM LEAF! Additionally, this month's podcast features exclusive information on pre-order packages and tour dates. DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN, AND TURN UP!

The Relapse Podcast will now be hosted on a different platform each month. The June episode is currently available for free streaming and download via Invisible Oranges - hear it now at this location [link] or via the official Relapse Podcast website here.

New Tracks: (0:00)

Ringworm - Snake Church (0:00)

Inter Arma - The Paradise Gallows (3:37)

16 - The Absolute Center of A Pitch Black Heart (15:04)

The Album Leaf - New Soul (19:24)

Horseback - Shape Of The One Thing (23:57)

Nothing - Eaten By Worms (29:43)

Pentagram - Forever My Queen (Remastered) (34:43)

Publicist UK - Telegraphing (Dalek Remix) (37:02)

New Signings: (41:57)

The Obsessed - Be The Night (Demo) (42:40)

Noisem - Burning (45:25)

Gatecreeper - Carved Into Stone (48:19)

SURVIVE - Black Mollies (53:46)

Cough Interview / Song Picks: (59:45)

Cough - Shadow of the Torturer (1:25:18)

Cough - Crooked Spine (1:35:44)

Valkyrie - Temple (1:45:23)

True Widow - Four Teeth (1:52:23)

Relapse Classic Tracks: (1:59:34)

Rotten Sound - Targets (1:59:52)

Scott Hull - Il Funerale Di Bonnie (2:01:49)

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Now that spring has sprung, Relapse is gearing up for one of our heaviest summers in years! NOTHING's new album Tired Of Tomorrow will kick off our summer releases this May, so we've just conducted an exclusive interview with the band's Nicky Palermo that details the story and making behind the album to help you get in the spirit of things. This episode also features a podcast-exclusive premiere of the remastered version of "Evil Dead"from the upcoming reissue of DEATH's classic Scream Bloody Gore, along with new music from forthcoming and recent releases by GRUESOME, INTER ARMA, WRONG, COUGH, and WEEKEND NACHOSDOWNLOAD, PLUG IN, AND TURN UP!

The podcast is also available for free streaming and download via Metal Injection. Hear it now at this location.

New Tracks:

Gruesome - Forces of Death (0:00)

Death - Evil Dead (Remastered Version) *Podcast Exclusive* (4:57)

Inter Arma - Transfiguration (7:55)

Cough - The Wounding Hours (16:50)

Wrong - Turn In (24:54)

Weekend Nachos - Writhe (28:24)

Nothing Interview + Song Picks: (31:26)

Nothing - ACD (57:15)

Nothing - B&E (1:02:01)

Neurosis - Belief (1:07:15)

Harvey Milk - The Anvil Will Fall (1:13:08)

Relapse Classic Tracks:

Genghis Tron - Board Up The House (1:21:05)

Nile - Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten (1:26:57)

Bands on Tour:

Tombs - V (1:35:50)

Pinkish Black - Everything Must Go (1:42:20)

Dying Fetus - Beaten Into Submission (1:47:27)

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The Relapse Podcast is back in action with a special interview and takeover with Steffen Kummerer of OBSCURA, whose brand-new full-length Akroasis is out now! We'll also be highlighting new music from TOMBS, GRAVES AT SEA, BORIS WITH MERZBOW, and more, as well as recent releases by WOLVSERPENTINVERLOCH, MAGRUDERGRIND, GADGET and SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP. This month will also feature exclusive information on pre-order packages, tour dates. DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN, AND TURN UP!

As always, the podcast is available for free streaming and download via Metal Injection. Hear it now at this location:


New Tracks:

Tombs - Deceiver (0:00)

Graves at Sea - The Curse That Is (6:44)

Coffins - Tyrant (17:52)

Inverloch - The Empyrean Torment (22:35)

Boris with Merzbow - Vomitself (live clip) (34:21)

Wolveserpent - Aporia:Kāla:Ananta (clip #2) (48:50)

Magrudergrind - Regressive Agenda (55:17)

Gadget - The Great Destroyer (56:37)

Gadget - Violent Hours (For A Veiled Awakening) Feat. Barney Greenway of Napalm Death on Vocals (58:22)

Joel Grind - The Invisible Landscape (1:00:48)

Davie Allan - Buzz Saw Effect (1:02:59)

Seven Sisters of Sleep - Gutter (1:05:30)

Obscura Interview + Takeover: (1:11:35)

Obscura - Sermon of the Seven Suns (1:32:07)

Obscura - Fractal Dimensions (1:39:13)

Baroness - Take My Bones Away (1:45:21)

Dying Fetus - Pissing in the Mainstream (1:50:29)

Relapse Classic Tracks:

Incantation - Blasphemous Creation (1:54:03)

Car Bomb - M^6 (1:58:25)

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2016 is off to a fast start for Relapse - it's barely January and we already have four releases under our belt! In keeping with that excitement, this month's podcast features brand new music from WOLVSERPENT, MAGRUDERGRIND, INVERLOCH, SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP and more, as well as new tracks from recent releases by LYCUS, AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, OPPROBRIUM and BLOODIEST. Additionally, this month's episode includes exclusive info on upcoming Relapse vinyl reissues, and also features a special interview and takeover with BLACK TUSK, whose brand-new full-length Pillars Of Ash is due out this Friday January 29thDOWNLOAD, PLUG IN, AND TURN UP!

New Tracks:

Obscura - Sermon of the Seven Suns (0:00)

Inverloch - Distance Collapsed (In Rubble) (8:05)

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Deathbed (16:42)

Magrudergrind - Sacrificial Hire (25:02)

Seven Sisters of Sleep - War Master (27:58)

Wolvserpent - Aporia:Kala:Ananta preview (31:44)

Bloodiest - Suffer (38:15)

Lycus - Obsidian Eyes (40:16)

Opprobrium - Voices from the Grave (52:32)


Black Tusk Interview and Track Picks: (57:10)

Alabama Thunderpussy - Motoready (1:10:13)

Toxic Holocaust - Acid Fuzz (1:14:34)

Black Tusk - Vulture's Eye (1:17:56)

Black Tusk - Seeing Visions (1:22:55)


Upcoming Vinyl Reissues:

Pig Destroyer - Loathsome (1:30:14)

Pig Destroyer - Towering Flesh (1:34:17)

Dillinger Escape Plan - Abe the Cop (1:37:51)


Relapse Classic Tracks:

Cephalic Carnage - Endless Cycle of Violence (1:41:00)

Origin - Portal (1:45:10)

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Relapse's 25th year is coming to a close, and as such, we thought we'd take some time to reflect on the label's history, bit by bit. This special double episode edition of the podcast features an interview with Relapse founder and president Matt Jacobson, who has picked a selection of his favorite songs as well as those that represented pivotal moments in Relapse history! This episode also features a brief preview of what's to come for Relapse in 2016, and includes new music from OBSCURA, LYCUS, BLACK TUSK, and BLOODIEST! Also includes a special podcast-exclusive premiere of OPPROBRIUM's "Serpent Temptation", off the upcoming remastered reissue of the band's landmark debut Serpent TemptationDOWNLOAD, PLUG IN AND TURN IT UP!


2016 Preview: (0:00)
Obscura - Akroasis 

Black Tusk - God's On Vacation 

Bloodiest - Mesmerize 

Lycus - Solar Chamber 

Opprobrium - Serpent Temptation (Remastered) *Podcast exclusive* 

Exclusive Matt Jacobson Interview: (29:30)

Exclusive Matt Jacobson Selections: (1:10:00)
Suffocation – Catatonia 

Amorphis – The Exile of the Sons of Ulsliu

Repulsion – Eaten Alive

Human Remains – Weeding Out The Thorns

The Dillinger Escape Plan – The Mullet Burden

Neurosis – The Doorway

Nile – Ramses Bringer of War

Necrophagist – Only Ash Remains

Nasum – Shapeshifter  

Burnt by the Sun - Dracula With Glasses

Pentagram – Take Me Away

Mastodon – Iron Tusk

Zombi - Escape Velocity

Horseback – Mithras 

Baroness – Rays On Pinion

Nothing - Dig 

Myrkur - Jer Er Guden, I Er Tjenerne

Windhand - Two Urns 
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Halloween, the most metal of holidays, is right around the corner, and as such Relapse has put together an appropriately horrific podcast to match the spirit of the season! The October edition of the podcast features new music from horror vets HOODED MENACEPINKISH BLACKMYRKUR, and SACRILEGE alongside new tracks from RED FANG and more! We also have a special section devoted to Relapse's newly-announced deluxe vinyl reissues as well as an exclusive interview & takeover with A.E. Paterra of horror-score/synth-rock legends ZOMBI, whose new album Shape Shift is out now! And as always, we have the latest updates, tour info, and Relapse artist news. DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN AND TURN IT UP!

New Music:
Sacrilege - Shadow From Mordor  (Remastered)
Myrkur - Den Lille Piges Dod (from Adult Swim Singles Series) 
Red Fang - Can't Help Falling In Love (Elvis Cover) 
Hooded Menace - Blood For The Burning Oath / Dungeons of the Disembodied
Windhand - Two Urns (Radio Edit) 
Ilsa - Pass / Out
Pinkish Black - I'm All Gone 
The Great Tyrant - Softly, Everyone Dies
Classic Tracks (Vinyl Reissues): (50:54)
Incantation - Anoint The Chosen 
Bongzilla - Amerijuanican 
DEP - Fix Your Face 
Disrupt - A Life's A Life 
Anal Cunt - Radio Hit 
Zombi Takeover: (1:08:45)
Zombi - Interstellar Package
Zombi - Surface to Air
The Dillinger Escape Plan - Sunshine the Werewolf 
Pig Destroyer - Snuff Film at Eleven
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This month we have new music from HOODED MENACE, PINKISH BLACK, ZOMBI, RED FANG & MORE! As always, we have the latest updates, tour info, and Relapse artist news. We also have an exclusive interview with PARKER CHANDLER from WINDHAND and COUGH! DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN AND TURN IT UP!

New Music: (0:00)
Sacrilege - Lifeline (0:45)
Hooded Menace - Elysium Of Dripping Death (4:40)
Myrkur - Onde Born (15:54)
Christian Mistress - Neon (19:56)
Pinkish Black - Brown Rainbow (25:38)
The Great Tyrant - The Trouble With Being Born (32:14)
Zombi - Mission Creep (35:51)
Publicist UK - Away (38:45)
Seven Sisters of Sleep - Reaper Christ (43:47)
Pig Destroyer - Piss Angel (Remix) (46:35)
Relapse Bands on Tour: (49:07)
Ulcerate - Cessation (49:39)
Hope Drone - Unending Grey (56:34)
Locrian - Arc of Extinction (1:15:46)
Royal Thunder - Floor (1:22:48)
Red Fang - Why (1:28:17)
Maruta - Hope Smasher (1:31:45)
Iron Reagan - I Won't Go (1:34:04)
Call of the Void - R.I.S. (1:35:30)
Black Tusk - Bring Me Darkness (1:37:26)

Classic Tracks: (1:40:30)
Amorphis - Alone (1:40:32)
Alabama Thunderpussy - Dry Spell (1:46:42)
Windhand Takeover: (1:50:10)
Windhand - Crypt Keys (1:57:33)
Windhand - Shepherd's Crook (2:03:01)
Cough - Acid Witch (2:13:38)
Facedowninshit - Rough Sleep (2:27:38)
True Widow - Four Teeth (2:35:46)
Rwake - The Finality (2:41:58)
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