The Relapse Podcast returns for a special end of the year 2017 recap edition! Features highlights from a busy year of releases from veterans OBITUARY, DYING FETUS, EXHUMED, INTEGRITY, INCANTATION plus the return of legendary acts THE OBSESSED and IRON MONKEY. The podcast also features releases from rising artists MYRKUR, IRON REAGAN, PRIMITIVE MAN, CLOAKROOM and debut albums from KING WOMAN, EX EYE, ARCADEA, EXPULSION plus many more! Additionally, prepare for 2018 with new songs from MAMMOTH GRINDER, WINDHAND, MIRACLE and GENOCIDE PACT. DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN, AND TURN UP!


2017 Release Recap

Black Anvil - May Her Wrath Be Just (0:00)

The Drip - Gruesome Poetics (5:23)

Iron Reagan - Grim Business (6:54)

King Woman - Shame (9:24)

Unearthly Trance - Famine (12:59)

Obituary - A Lesson in Vengeance (19:57)

Gruesome - Fragments of Psyche (22:58)

The Obsessed - Haywire (27:26)

Ecstatic Vision - The Electric Step (29:48)

Arcadea - Through the Eye of Pisces (40:00)

Ex Eye - Anaitis Hymnal; The Arkose Disc (44:29)

John Frum - Pining Light (56:11)

Dying Fetus - Wrong One To Fuck With (59:56)

Integrity - 7 Reece Mews (1:06:08)

Expulsion - Total Human Genocide (1:13:05)

Tau Cross - Bread and Circuses (1:15:13)

Incantation - Visceral Hexahedron (1:20:01)

Atriarch - Devolver (1:25:15)

Poison Blood - Deformed Lights (1:28:44)

Cloakroom - The Passenger (1:31:12)

Myrkur - The Serpent (1:41:45)

Usnea - Demon Haunted World (1:45:35)

Haemorrhage - Gore Gourmet (1:52:36)

Primitive Man - Sugar Hole (1:55:24)

Exhumed - A Funeral Party (2:01:24)

Iron Monkey - 9-13 (2:03:40)

S U R V I V E - Other (JK Flesh Remix) (2:10:50)

Steve Moore - Bullets Are For Cowards (2:15:00)

The Obsessed - Tombstone Highway (Reissue) (2:18:25)

YOB - Breathing From The Shallows (Reissue) (2:21:48)


2018 Preview:

Mammoth Grinder -  Superior Firepower (2:31:44)

Genocide Pact - Disposed and Conquered (2:34:22)

Miracle - The Parsifal Gate (2:38:54)

Windhand - Old Evil (2:45:32)

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The Relapse Records Podcast returns just in time for the Halloween season with our special guest Matt Harvey of EXHUMED. Matt discusses the band’s new album Death Revenge, writing the band’s first concept album, horror movies and more. Also on the podcast we spin new and upcoming Relapse tracks from MYRKUR, IRON MONKEY, PRIMITIVE MAN, HAEMORRHAGE, S U R V I V E, DEATH and more! DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN AND TURN UP!

EXHUMED's 6th studio album Death Revenge is out now! Order Here:

New/Upcoming Tracks:

Myrkur - Ulvinde (0:00)

Iron Monkey - OmegaMangler (5:46)

Integrity - Burning Beneath the Devil's Cross (10:33)

Incantation - Messiah Nostrum (13:34)

Death - Overactive Imagination (LP Reissue) (17:52)

Atriarch - Repent (23:16)

Poison Blood - A Cracked and Desolate Sky (26:54)

Expulsion - Nightmare Future (29:14)

Haemorrhage - We Are The Gore (32:56)

Steve Moore - Welcome to TSC (36:12)

S U R V I V E - Cutthroat (Remix) (37:58)

The Obsessed - The Way She Fly (Remastered) (46:43)

Cloakroom - Concrete Gallery (49:00)

Primitive Man - My Will (55:18)

Usnea - Pyrrhic Victory (1:00:19) 

Exhumed Takeover:

Exhumed - Defenders of the Grave (1:41:48)

Exhumed - Dead End (1:46:10)

Repulsion - Slaughter of the Innocent (1:51:39)

Num Skull - Off With Your Head (1:53:59)

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The Relapse Records Podcast returns in the midst of a scorching Summer with our special guest John Gallagher of DYING FETUS. John discusses the band’s new, 10th studio album Wrong One To Fuck With, the brutal life of touring, death metal censorship and more. Also on the podcast we spin new and upcoming Relapse tracks from MYRKUR, INTEGRITY, CLOAKROOM, TAU CROSS, EXPULSION, USNEA and more! DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN AND TURN UP!

New and Upcoming Tracks:
Myrkur - Maneblot (0:00)
Incantation - Rites of the Locust (5:14)
Integrity - Hymn For The Children of the Black Flame (8:15)
Cloakroom - Seedless Star (11:51)
Arcadea - Army of Electrons (19:27)
Tau Cross - Killing the King (23:05)
Ex Eye - Xenolith; The Anvil (30:36)
Expulsion - Comatose (34:24)
Atriarch - Inferno (36:42)
Poison Blood - The Scourge of The Gestalt (44:12)
Usnea - Lathe in Heaven (48:30)

Dying Fetus Takeover:
John Gallagher Interview (58:07)
Dying Fetus - Weaken The Structure (1:17:08)
Dying Fetus - Fallacy (1:22:25)
Suffocation - Jesus Wept (Human Waste EP Edition) (1:27:01)
Skinless - Pool Of Stool (1:30:56)

Relapse Anniversary: 
Baroness - March to the Sea (1:35:53)
Pig Destroyer - Piss Angel (Remix) (1:39:01)

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The Relapse Records Podcast returns as the Summer approaches with our special guest Liam Wilson of THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN and JOHN FRUM! Liam breaks down A Stirring In The Noos, the debut album from his latest project JOHN FRUM, discussing the band’s inception, their debut live performance and the mythology behind the real life John Frum. This month’s podcast also celebrates the 10 year anniversary of THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN’s third album Ire Works and Liam discusses the band’s time with Relapse and provides insight to the band’s legendary history. Also on the podcast we spin new and upcoming Relapse tracks from DYING FETUS, INTEGRITY, TAU CROSS, MYRKUR, ARCADEA, EXPULSION, EX EYE and more! DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN AND TURN UP!

JOHN FRUM's debut album A Stirring In The Noos is out now! Order Here:

New/Upcoming Relapse Tracks:

Dying Fetus - Fixated on Devastation
Obituary - No (4:04)
Integrity - I Am The Spell (7:41)
Tau Cross - Deep State (14:10)
Myrkur - Två Konungabarn (19:11)
The Obsessed - Sacred (22:41)
Ecstatic Vision - Keep It Loose (29:29)
Arcadea - Infinite End (34:24)
Expulsion - Altar of Slaughter (37:52)
Ex Eye - Opposition/Perihelion (39:35)

Liam Wilson Takeover:
John Frum Interview (53:09)
John Frum - Lacustrine Divination (1:09:00)
John Frum - Wasting Subtle Body (1:15:05)

The Dillinger Escape Plan Interview (1:18:45)
The Dillinger Escape Plan - We Are The Storm (1:45:28)
The Dillinger Escape Plan - Nong Eye Gong (1:51:11)

Nile - Serpent Headed Mask (1:54:03)
Neurosis - End Of The Harvest (1:56:17)

Classic Relapse Tracks:

Origin - Wrath of Vishnu (2:04:22)
Suffocation - Abomination Reborn (2:09:06)


John Frum Digital Purchase Links:

Order on Bandcamp:
Order on iTunes:
Order on Amazon:
Order on Google Play:

Official Links:

John Frum's Official Website:
John Frum on Facebook:
John Frum on Twitter:
John Frum on Instagram:

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The Relapse Records podcast returns to kick off the Spring with a special OBITUARY takeover! March’s episode also highlights new and upcoming releases from IRON REAGAN, THE OBSESSED, GRUESOME, KING WOMAN, ECSTATIC VISION, JOHN FRUM and UNEARTHLY TRANCE! We also spin a handful of death metal classics from new vinyl reissues. This month, Nick talked with Donald Tardy (Drums) from OBITUARY about the band’s new self-titled album, upcoming tours, beer, cats and more! DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN, AND TURN UP!

New/Upcoming Tracks:

Iron Reagan - Fuck the Neighbors (0:00)
The Obsessed - Punk Crusher (1:50)
Ecstatic Vision - You Got It (Or You Don't) (5:30)
King Woman - Hierophant (15:15)
Unearthly Trance - Into the Spiral (23:08)
Gruesome- Fragments of Psyche (27:12)
John Frum - Presage of Emptiness (31:15)

Death Metal Vinyl Reissue:

Death - Flattening Of Emotions (38:30)
Necrophagist - Only Ash Remains (42:52)
Dying Fetus - Schematics (46:58)
Dying Fetus -Justifiable Homicide (510:56)

Obituary Takeover:

Donald Tardy Interview (57:48)
Obituary - Brave (1:39:40)
Obituary - Straight To Hell (1:43:12)

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Happy 2017! The Relapse Records Podcast is back and better than ever for the new year. January’s episode highlights new and upcoming releases from OBITUARY, IRON REAGAN, THE OBSESSED, KING WOMAN, UNEARTHLY TRANCE and THE DRIP! We also welcome a new host, Nick, who will take over the job of captivating the masses. Our special guest this month is Paul Delaney from Black Anvil (Vocalist/Bassist) fresh off the recently release As Was full-length. Paul discusses some behind-the-scenes of the record, their tour with the legendary Mayhem, his views on spirituality and even handpicked a few killer tracks for his takeover! DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN, AND TURN UP!

Upcoming/New Relapse Releases:

Obituary - Sentence Day (0:00)
Iron Reagan - Bleed the Fifth (2:48)
The Obsessed - Sodden Jackal (4:49)
King Woman - Utopia (11:08)
Unearthly Trance - Dream State Arsenal (14:17)
The Drip - Blackest Evocation (20:43)

Relapse Bands On Tour:

Incantation - Nocturnal Kingdom of Demonic Enlightenment (25:35)
Gatecreeper – Flamethrower (30:03)
Nothing - Curse of the Sun (33:12)
Cloakroom - Big World (40:06)
Ringworm - The Razor and the Knife (44:57)

Black Anvil Takeover:

Paul Delaney Interview (49:05)
Black Anvil – On Forgotten Ways (1:06:08)
Black Anvil – We Own You (1:14:16)
Zombi – Sequence 1 (1:18:58)
Zombi – Legacy (1:22:27)

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