The Relapse Records Podcast returns during the early Summer featuring our special guest Eric Hernandez of WRONG. Eric discusses the band’s new, second full-length album Feel Great, a background of the band, new TORCHE and so much more! Additionally, Eric hand selected a couple new WRONG tracks and classic Relapse artists. Also on the podcast, we spin new and upcoming songs from GRUESOME, YOB, ASG, SKINLESS and more! Finally, we honor the 20 year anniversary of two legendary death metal albums, NILE’s Amongst The Catacombs of Nephren-Ka and INCANTATION’s Diabolical Conquest. DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN AND TURN UP!

New & Upcoming:

Gruesome - A Waste of Life (0:00)
YOB - The Screen (7:22)
ASG - Survive Sunrise (18:14)
Zeke - On The Road (21:40)
Black Salvation - Breathing Hands (23:32)
ILSA - Nasty, Brutish (26:25)
Skinless - Line of Dissent (32:54)
Control Denied - Expect the Unexpected (Remastered) (37:26)

Wrong Takeover:

Interview with Eric Hernandez (44:36)
Wrong - Culminate (1:01:22)
Wrong - Gape (1:04:05)
Nasum - Inhale/Exhale (1:07:25)
High on Fire - Rumors of War (1:09:08)

20 Year Relapse Anniversaries:

Nile - Ramses Bringer of War (1:14:11)
Incantation - Disciples of Blasphemous Reprisal (1:18:52)

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