The Relapse Records podcast returns to kick off the Spring with a special OBITUARY takeover! March’s episode also highlights new and upcoming releases from IRON REAGAN, THE OBSESSED, GRUESOME, KING WOMAN, ECSTATIC VISION, JOHN FRUM and UNEARTHLY TRANCE! We also spin a handful of death metal classics from new vinyl reissues. This month, Nick talked with Donald Tardy (Drums) from OBITUARY about the band’s new self-titled album, upcoming tours, beer, cats and more! DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN, AND TURN UP!

New/Upcoming Tracks:

Iron Reagan - Fuck the Neighbors (0:00)
The Obsessed - Punk Crusher (1:50)
Ecstatic Vision - You Got It (Or You Don't) (5:30)
King Woman - Hierophant (15:15)
Unearthly Trance - Into the Spiral (23:08)
Gruesome- Fragments of Psyche (27:12)
John Frum - Presage of Emptiness (31:15)

Death Metal Vinyl Reissue:

Death - Flattening Of Emotions (38:30)
Necrophagist - Only Ash Remains (42:52)
Dying Fetus - Schematics (46:58)
Dying Fetus -Justifiable Homicide (510:56)

Obituary Takeover:

Donald Tardy Interview (57:48)
Obituary - Brave (1:39:40)
Obituary - Straight To Hell (1:43:12)

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