This month we have new music from M
​YRKUR, CHRISTIAN MISTRESS, PUBLICIST UK, HOPE DRONE, & MORE! As always, we have the latest updates, tour info, and Relapse artist news. We also have an exclusive interview with LOCRIAN! DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN AND TURN IT UP!
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Myrkur - Haevnen 
Christian Mistress - Stronger Than Blood 
Hope Drone - Riverbeds 
Maruta - Erode (Feat. JR Hayes of Pig Destroyer) 
Skinless - Barbaric Proclivity 
Publicist UK - Levitate the Pentagon 
Goblin Rebirth - Book of Skulls 
Ecstatic Vision - Astral Plane
Obscura - Cosmogenesis
Toxic Holocaust - Wild Dogs
Atriarch - Bereavement
Torche - Blasted 
Valkyrie - Golden Age

Wrong - Call It
Lycus - Coma Burn
Pinkish Black - Tell Her I'm Dead
Human Remains - Rote 

Atrax Morgue - Sphrenix Nor

Merzbow - Woodpecker #2 

An Index of Air

Locrian - Heavy Waters 

High on Fire - Fury Whip 
Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Agorapocalypse Now 
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