Relapse Records Podcast #20 w/ Horseback - May 2012

Its the Relapse Records Maryland Death Fest podcast special!! Featuring tracks from all performing Relapse Artists, old and new, in addition to exclusive tracks from Baroness, Primate and Mantas!!! We also have new music from Royal Thunder, Dying Fetus & more!! This month's interview is with Jenks Miller of Horseback! DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN, & TURN IT UP!!

Baroness – "Take My Bones Away"

Royal Thunder – “Parsonz Curse”

Primate - "Draw Back a stump"

16  – “Ants in My Blood Stream”

Mantas – "Legion of Doom"

Dying Fetus – “Second Skin”

Morbid Saint – "Crying For Death"

Godflesh - "Sungod"

Suffocation - "Funeral Inception"
Nasum - "The Idiot Parade"

Today is the Day – "Miracle"

Unsane – "Latch"

Napalm Death - "Maggots in your Coffin (Repulsion cover)"

Looking for an Answer – "Ecoterror"

Rwake – "Inverted Overtures"

Cough – "Crippled Wizard"

Horseback – "Interitance (The Changeling)"

Horseback – "Mithras"

Incantation - "Entrantment of Evil"

Disembowlment - "Excoriate"

Disembowelment -  "Excoriate"Disembowelment -  "Excoriate"

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