This month on the Relapse Records Podcast we're hitting you right at the end of 2010 with a recap of the year gone by plus a look ahead to 2011 with a preview of a brand new track from Abysmal Dawn as well as exclusive songs from Dying Fetus, Brutal Truth and 16! Plus the man who has his hand in everything, Danny Walker, stops by to talk to Viking Phil about his many projects including Exhumed, Murder Construct, Intronaut and more! Plus we have another round of classic tracks from the Relapse Vault, tons of news and an insane amount of holiday humbug to go around. DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN AND TURN IT UP!

Dying Fetus – Eviscerated Offspring, 16 – Asian Heat, Buzzoven – Mainline, Cough – Crooked Spine, Circle of Animals – The Invisible War (Justin Broadrick Remix), Dukatalon – Vagabond, Incantation – Golgotha, Dillinger Escape Plan – Fix Your Face, Exhumed - Waxwork, Uphill Battle - Forked Tongue, Murder Construct - I Am That, Human Remains - Weeding Out The Thorns, Mastodon - Where Strides The Behemoth, Abysmal Dawn - In Service of Time, Brutal Truth – Walking Corpse 2112

















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