This month we have new music from SKINLESS, ROYAL THUNDER, VALKYRIE, MARUTA  & more!  As always, we have the latest updates, tour info, and Relapse artist news.  We also have an exclusive interview with TORCHE ! DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN AND TURN IT UP!

Skinless - Serpenticide

Maruta - Stand in Defeat

Tau Cross - Lazarus

Valkyrie - Mountain Stomp

Royal Thunder - Forget You

Minsk - To The Garish

Gruesome - Hideous

Zombi - Sequence 2

Bedemon - Child of Darkness

Myrkur - Skaol (Demo)

Call of the Void - Cold Hands

Exhumed - Open the Abscess Redux

Rwake - Nagarachi

Primitive Man - Loathe

Lord Dying - Darkness Remains

Torche - Loose Men

Torche - Annihilation Affair

Dead World - The Machine

Siege - Dropdead

Incantation - Golgotha

Human Remains - Human

Amorphis - Better Unborn

Pan Thy Monium - The Battle of Geeheb  

Nile - Sarcophagus

Nasum - Scoop

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